Kia Sportage Launch

KIA Ant Ad



The Brief

KIA was launching the new KIA Sportage in South Africa. Everyone knew that the car was absolutely gorgeous on the outside, but Ofyt was challenged to communicate that the inside was just as beautiful. Hmm. Car interiors are notorious. In neuroscientific research it is confirmed that 76% of viewers stop watching or change channels after just 1,5 seconds of an interior shot. How could we be sure that people would look at ours?

The Solution

Meet Anthony, or Ant as he prefers to be called. In a stunning display of directorial virtuosity Director Jono Hall marched Anthony through an unforgettable demonstration of the new Sportage’s svelte interior. It wasn’t easy. Anthony was whisked away from his queen after just a few hours and underwent a crash method acting course at the Athol Fugard Theatre. Droplets of ice were used to refresh our miniature thespian between takes. And a clumsy boom operator nearly stood on him.

The Result

Reaction has been terrific. People are watching to the end of the commercial. KIA is thrilled with the pitter-patter of feet through their dealerships. And Anthony has been signed by Disney. Job done.