Katiso Mashilo

Junior Art Director

Yo wassup! I am Katiso Lazarus Mashilo, and I am a Creative Strategist, no
an Art Director, wait actually I’m a designer, to be completely frank, I don’t
know if what I do has a singular title, let me explain why...

I studied to be a brand strategist at Vega School of Brand Leadership, and
that is where I got exposed to the wonderful and dynamic world of design.

So simply because of my curiosity and intrigue, I started learning how
to use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects during my
spare time. This became a hobby for me, I went from trying to recreate
awesome works of art that I had come across to attempting to share my
own ideas with the world, people seemed to like my work, so I decided
to learn more, I learnt how to create digital drawings, next it was hand-
lettering, thereafter 3D design, and so on.